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Old World Flair with Disinfection Why Use a Copper Door Knob?

Posted by Petdoor 4less on November 13, 2014
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Choosing doors are as important as choosing wall paper for your home. It would not be quite enough to choose the best door and buy a cheap and common door knob. The reason behind this is that you would have to replace that perfect door soon enough if you keep hinging and unhinging it because you had to replace the door knob because you keep getting locked in because it’s broken.

As for most classical door knob finishes, it is best to use a copper door knob since it is, for one, going to add flavor in whatever door you choose to use. It can also be the accent color of your entrance door or it could blend with the maple door that you have chosen for your bedroom.

A copper door knob does favor a more classical tone in your home. It adds a bit of a history into the bigger picture. Most keyed cylinders that are made out of copper would look like they have been around for a long time since most designs are more ornate than their contemporary.
The golden flair of a copper door knob would add the sense of majesty that you need in an otherwise simple home. If you only have a few doors to spare then it is best to go with quality copper door knobs.

As an added bonus, a copper door knob would help in the spread on infections and bacteria in your home. If you are health conscious then this kind of finish is best for you. If you can have one that is made out of copper entirely then it is best. If there is anything that gets to cling to your copper door knob, those bacteria would die within eight hours.
If these are not enough reasons to consider this kind of door knob, then what else is?

If you want your house to be as grandiose or as beautiful as it can be, you also need to consider even the smallest of details. But for the people making your home, they would take more pride in their work if they can install a Baldwin door knob in every door of your home.
The quality that comes with a Baldwin door knob spans decades, well into the 40s. As they brought innovation into door knobs with their brass knobs during that time, so do they bring modern flair with contemporary designs and finish for today’s more minimalist home owner.check more door knobs from http://www.factorydirecthardware.com/copper-creek/

From their classic knobs to their couture door knobs, the Baldwin door knob does not disappoint. Their goal is to bring you the kind of door knob that would last for as long as you want them to. They want you to change it only because of whim or because you plan to redecorate not because it is busted.

The crystal door knobs are perfect for interior doors that would lead into your bedroom or your guestrooms. If you are looking for variety in shape, the kind that would daintily fit into your hand, then choosing the oval shaped Baldwin door knob would be best.

Copper Plate and Lock

Taking into consideration the need to have a more modern flair in your home, then finishes that differ from the traditional brass is taken into consideration. Choosing from the silver finishes would allow you to choose something that would blend with your modern but be uniquely Baldwin.choose more from this link.

After all the beauty of the grand painting are in the tiny dots that make up the whole. It is best to have a Baldwin in your home, opening it to your friends and your family.

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