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Isotherm Roof Insulation

Posted by Doors and Improvements on January 11, 2015
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Isotherm Roof Insulation

Polyester Isotherm Insulation is a safe, itch free and non toxic fiber due to its non hazardous properties. Although lightweight with high tensile strength, polyester is durable and resistant to most chemicals, mildew, shrinking and stretching. Naturally hydrophobic and fast drying, it means that this material is water resistant and it is not affected by moisture.

Polyester Isotherm insulation products do not contain raw materials that have chloride compounds. Chloride compounds are also not used in the insulation manufacturing process. There are no other corrosive chemicals that are used at any stage of the manufacturing process of insulation or raw materials.


 Isotherm Eco friendly Insulation

Isotherm is an eco friendly insulation for roofs. Polyester is easy to recycle time and again as this process does not need large amount of heat compared to other products. The overall saving that is associated with recycled polyester has a positive impact on the environment. This is the reason why this material is ideal for manufacturing insulation. There are different types of roof insulation made from isotherm insulation and acoustic.

Isotherm Polyester Insulation

Polyester has non allergic properties and it is safe for people who suffer from asthma. This insulation product does not have binders that may deteriorate and then crumble with time or use brittle or short fibers that are prone to breakage. This therefore shows that this product does not have the potential to create dust due to fibers or other debris working their way through lighting and air conditioning ventilations in the ceiling. Polyester is a type of insulation that is actually recommended by most asthma foundations for low allergens or asthma friendly buildings.

Polyester insulation has a very long life span and it is not going to change or degrade in any way overtime. This means that you are going to get value for your money. Although you might have to spend a bit more for the insulation of this material, the fact that it has a long life span means that you will save on energy with time.

Polyester fibers are made from synthetic polymers that are referred to as polyethylene terephthalate chemical substance which is found in petroleum. The strong and light weight fibers are soft to handle which makes it easy for installation in walls, ceiling and between floors of timber framed construction.

Allergy benefits with Isotherm

As seen above, those are some of the benefits that one stands to gain by using polyester insulation. If you have someone in your family that is suffering from asthma or any other breathing condition, this is the most ideal insulation to consider. You do not want a product that is going to make their condition a lot worse than it already it. With all this in mind, polyester is the best roof insulation product.

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