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How to Beat the Summer Heat

Posted by Doors and Improvements on December 27, 2014
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Summer heat can be a killer especially in coastal towns and villages with high humidity. While visiting in South Africa recently and feeling the effects of 44 deg.C it felt as though we were melting. Visiting some friends and feeling the cool home it struck me that insulation in Africa is now a reality. All new homes being built must now comply with South African building legislation or SANS

Why has the legislation come into effect in South Africa

With an energy crisis hammering the South African consumers with what the call LOAD SHEDDING to help their main energy supplier Escom cope with the shortage of energy the country faces. Escom is the South African sole supplier of energy and they unfortunately are facing problems keeping up with the demand.


Home owners are now Installing products like AEROLITE INSULATION as well as ISOTHERM INSULATION into their homes to reduce the temperature inside the home and reduce the prospect of using the energy consuming Air conditioner. Ceiling Insulation will reduce the prospect of heat gain through the roof area by as much as 85%. This can reduce the temperature in the home by as much as 6 to 8 deg. C. One of the specialists that are involved in Insulating homes in South Africa for more than 25 years are leading Insulation installers in South Africa visit their website for more info


Roof Insulation has many benefits, from reducing noise levels to improving temperature as well as saving money.


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4 Effects of Ceiling Insulation on Indoor Comfort

Posted by Petdoor 4less on December 18, 2014
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Being comfortable in your own home is something which is extremely important. Choosing to insulate your house can make a huge difference in the overall comfort that you feel. Insulating your whole house is the best way to go but even just adding ceiling insulation will have you seeing dramatic differences. By adding insulation, you will help keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter, plus it will also help to soundproof your home and save you when it comes to paying the bills.read our latest blog post to get updates. Paper or blown in type insulation products are also great but have their issues when it comes to long term fire rating and absorbing water in the roof space. This can cause problems were homes in some countries have rhino board type ceilings.

Cool in Summer

Keeping your home cool in summer is a huge factor when it comes to indoor comfort. No one wants to dread going home because their house is too hot. If you don’t have an air conditioner, then this could be a problem you’re faced with each and every summer. While not as effective as air conditioning, having ceiling insulation can make a difference in the overall temperature of your home and you will find once it’s installed your house won’t be as hot as it was before. If you do have air conditioning, without insulation you will find that in summer you need to run it all the time. Living you’re life in air conditioning is not good for you, so having insulation and not having to use it as much is great for your health.

Warm in Winter

By installing roof insulation in you will help to keep your home warmer in winter. Without insulation your house will lose a lot of heat meaning you either have to cover up more or use heating appliances. If you use a fire in your house during the cold winter months this can be time consuming, messy and also dangerous. Other types of heaters can also malfunction and start fires and in extreme cases have even caused deaths. With fires you need to either cut or purchase firewood and ensure that you keep the fire stoked so that it doesn’t go out. Fires can also be messy as sparks and small pieces of wood can get out and ruin floors and carpets and also pose a fire risk. If you install insulation to keep you home warm you will reduce how often you need to use your fire or other heating appliance saving you time and potential risks.check more information from http://www.roofinsulation.biz/ceiling-insulation/


Having roof insulation can also help to soundproof your home. If you have a metal roof then the noise from rain and wind can sometimes become deafening. There is nothing worse than just settling into your favourite program or having a conversation only to have it drowned out by a storm. Insulation in your roof will reduce the noise that you hear from rain and wind so that you can enjoy your program or conversation in comfort without being drowned out.

Electricity Cost

ceiling insulation

By keeping your house cool in summer and warm in winter with ceiling insulation you will also help to reduce your electricity costs. Air Conditioners and Heaters use a lot of power and can add a fortune to your electricity bill. If you don’t need to use them as frequently due to having insulation you will be able to cut the cost of your bill dramatically.

There are a number of reasons you should install roof insulation in your home to help keep yourself comfortable. It will keep help to regulate the temperature meaning your house is cooler in summer and warmer in winter. It will also help to keep out unwanted noises and save your money on your power bill.

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The 3 Most Useful Applications of ISOTHERM

Posted by Petdoor 4less on December 18, 2014
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ISOTHERM is a thermal insulation made from PET bottles which have been recycled. It’s a non-toxic thermally-bonded polyester which makes it great for the environment. ISOTHERM is perfect for roofs, walls, hot water pipes and geysers. Here are the three most useful applications:

Thermal Insulation for Ceilings

When ISOTHERM is used as a thermal insulation for roofs it saves a lot of energy and on top of this is maintenance free. It will help to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter, saving on heating and cooling costs. ISOTHERM, as well as being safe to install is also very easy to install as it comes in rolls of 750mm and 1200mm wide rolls; perfect for normal housing construction. Installing ISOTHERM thermal insulation for ceilings is extremely easy if you follow these easy steps taken from the official

ISOTHERM website:

• Measure the distance between the roof beams or trusses and select the right roll of Isotherm.
• Cut the ISOTHERM to the correct size before entering the roof space with industrial scissors or shears.
• Make sure you only walk on the crossbeams and balancing boards and not on the ceiling boards.
• Position the ISOTHERM correctly above and in close contact with the ceiling ensuring it fits snugly between the roof beams and trusses.
• Ensure continuous insulation by carefully butting the ends of the rolls together or overlapping them. check more information from http://www.sys-con.com/node/3267403
• Make sure you allow a 150mm gap around flue pipes, ceiling fans and recessed lights.
• Wrap ISOTHERM around geysers and water pipes to increasing energy saving efficiency.
• Don’t block ventilation points with insulation.
• Use any off-cuts to fill in gaps, crevices and corners.
• Don’t put ISOTHERM in direct contact with metal chimney fabrications or flues.
• Don’t forget to insulate under the geyser and above the trap door.

Thermal Insulation for Walls

The reasons for using ISOTHERM in your walls are the same as why you would use it as thermal insulation for roofs. Just like with your roof, installing insulation in your walls will help to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter helping to reduce energy costs. When it comes to walls ISOTHERM is designed for hollow walls such as interior dry walls, timber walls, and steel frame walls. When installing in these hollow walls you don’t have to worry about ISOTHERM sagging as it is specifically designed not to. Installation of ISOTHERM in walls is very much the same as when installing it in your ceiling with one extra point to remember; be sure to position the ISOTHERM behind conduits, cables and plug points so that they remain exposed.visit this link for more details.

Roofing Sheets

Geyser Blanket

Another great use for ISOTHERM is as a great geyser blanket. By keeping your geyser insulated, the water won’t have to be reheated constantly meaning you will use less electricity. Geysers can account for a large portion of your electricity bill so it’s a good idea to reduce this with insulation. By installing ISOTHERM around your geyser and pipes you can save yourself money.
ISOTHERM has many uses from thermal insulation and walls to helping make your geyser more energy efficient. As well as saving you money it also helps to save the environment making this thermal insulation for ceilings a great choice for any home, whatever your specific needs may be. more ISOTHERM FACTS

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