Pet Doors

Posted by Doors and Improvements on January 11, 2015
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Pet Doors

Pet dogs and cats are already considered by many people as a part of their family. They give them special treatment just as they treat their own children. While these pets stay inside the house most of the time, homeowners still see to it that their pets have a schedule to follow for their regular time to urinate and to defecate. This schedule is not a problem if the homeowner is always at home because he can just let his pet go out for a pee or defecate. However, there are also instances when you’re not at home, your pets can either be inside the house and they want to go out for their personal necessities or they’re out of the house and they want to get inside. These instances can give your neighbors problems because your pets will most likely be very noisy. What could be worse here is what you’ll see inside your house by the time you get home. read more on pet doors 


All of these problems can be avoided if you provide or make a pet door for your pets it also reduces the amount of cold air coming into the home in winter. The pet doors can save you the burden of worrying over the schedule of your pets to go out of the house for their scheduled toilet activities. The pet doors can also give your cats and dogs free access to enter and get inside your house on their own free will. You will no longer hear your cats and dogs whining or scratching at the door because they want to get in or out of the house.


The pet doors can also save you the burden of cleaning your pet’s unwanted toilet activities like spoiling or messing up your carpets and upholsterers after failing to do it outside the house.

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How to Beat the Summer Heat

Posted by Doors and Improvements on December 27, 2014
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Summer heat can be a killer especially in coastal towns and villages with high humidity. While visiting in South Africa recently and feeling the effects of 44 deg.C it felt as though we were melting. Visiting some friends and feeling the cool home it struck me that insulation in Africa is now a reality. All new homes being built must now comply with South African building legislation or SANS

Why has the legislation come into effect in South Africa

With an energy crisis hammering the South African consumers with what the call LOAD SHEDDING to help their main energy supplier Escom cope with the shortage of energy the country faces. Escom is the South African sole supplier of energy and they unfortunately are facing problems keeping up with the demand.


Home owners are now Installing products like AEROLITE INSULATION as well as ISOTHERM INSULATION into their homes to reduce the temperature inside the home and reduce the prospect of using the energy consuming Air conditioner. Ceiling Insulation will reduce the prospect of heat gain through the roof area by as much as 85%. This can reduce the temperature in the home by as much as 6 to 8 deg. C. One of the specialists that are involved in Insulating homes in South Africa for more than 25 years are leading Insulation installers in South Africa visit their website for more info


Roof Insulation has many benefits, from reducing noise levels to improving temperature as well as saving money.


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