Changing To Glass Door Knobs

Posted by Petdoor 4less on November 13, 2014
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Glass Door Knobs

In these tough economic times, not everyone out there can afford to do a full remodel on their house. It costs a lot of money to knock down a few walls, and redo the overall styles of a room. You are talking about hiring a contractor, labor, springing for expensive building materials and disposal. This may not be the time for that type of investment, no matter how much you want a change. With that said, there are ways to change the overall mood and complexion of a our latest post at

Without tearing down some walls and having to pay for new drywall: new fixtures. Heck, you can change the mood of a room with a few new pictures, a couple of lamps, some lighting fixtures and a new throw blanket for a lot less than a remodel would cost. It’s not like you have to be stuck with the stuff you have. In fact you can change the way that a room feels by doing something as simple as changing the door knobs and switching to some stylish glass door knobs.

There is something intrinsically interesting about glass door knobs. It’s perfect for any room where you have a lot of antiques present, as well as any room where you want to give off a feeling of subtlety and grace. For the most part, people don’t’ notice things like door knobs. They are so used to either the yellowish or bronze-like colors in just about every room that, frankly, they have come to expect it. When you add a glass knob, though, people do notice. As previously mentioned, it allows you to change the complexion of a room without doing anything that major.

Glass Door Knobs

Now, to answer the question on a lot of people’s minds: no, the glass door knobs will not shatter if you close the door hard. They are well made and can withstand just about anything you throw at them. In addition, they are easy to install as all you need is a screwdriver to take out the old knob and put in the new one. In fact, installing the new door knob will probably be the easiest thing you’ll do when trying to give a room some new glass door knobs at this website.

You can find more information on glass door knobs at your local home improvement store or online. There are a variety of different styles and options to choose from so there is a good chance that you’ll find glass or colored door knobs to fit any room in the house.

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